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Job assistance to refugees from Burma

This project aims to improve the labour market integration chances of the Burmese refugees who will be resettled to the Czech Republic in November 2012. It is planned that 7 families of total 25 persons will soon be resettled and mainly 13 adults of the group will benefit from this project. The main aim of the project is to provide assistance to the refugees to overcome the difficult process of integration in the labour market – search for a job, get employment and be able to continue in it. The resettled refugees do not have required qualification and will not speak the Czech language good enough yet to be able to manage this difficult process on their own. They will not yet have a good orientation of the Czech labour market, are not familiar with the regular procedures like job search, interviews or legislatives such as labour code, or working habits in the central Europe.

In this project, 13 adults will undergo skills and potential diagnosis prepared according to „culture-free“ psychological diagnosis methods to find out the skills and competence of the resettled refugees which is essential for their future professional growth. Based on the results of the tests and present situation of the labour market in the neighbourhood of the refugees, we will help organizing vocational trainings to increase their chances to get employment. At the same time we will provide regular counselling, motivation and orientation focused trainings and awareness-raising activities to the local communities. In the last phase of the project we will provide intensive assistance with job search – identification of potencial employer, preparation for job interviews, providing legal counselling for making job contracts and assistence in communication of refugees with the municipality offices or government institutions regarding employment issues.