• Delnicka 54, 170 00 Prague, Czech Republic
  • +420 - 608 348 146

Who we are

The Burma Center Prague, o.p.s. is a non-governmental and non-profit organization run by Burmese living in the Czech Republic and by other supporters of Burma. The organization was founded in June 2006 and registered under Czech law on 6 September 2006 at the Municipal Court of Prague.

By establishing the Burma Center Prague we have consolidated the long-term efforts of engaged individuals in order to create a platform for coordinated, reliable and independent work. We co-operate with other NGOs and individuals on both national and international levels. We wish to continue in the tradition of friendship between the people of Burma and the Czech and the Slovak Republics.


Mission Statement

The mission of BCP is to contribute to the democratization of Burma and the respect for human rights. It seeks to improve the lives of people in Burma and Burmese in exile

  • by analyzing the situation in Burma and by informing and involving the European public;
  • by serving as a bridge between Europe and Burma;
  • by providing needed services for Burmese, in particular capacity building and facilitating the integration of refugees; and
  • by supporting the empowerment and active participation of Burmese for the transition of Burma


Our activities emphasize the importance of human rights and the necessity to provide the population with basic tools enabling it to survive and to receive fundamental goods, such as education, health care and legal security. Also it is assumed that genuine democracy and the respect for human rights are preconditions for development and equal distribution of wealth in Burma. We act in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations and the UN Millennium Development Goals.