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Support of the Integration of Burmese Resettlers into Czech Society

The project started in April 2015 and will finish in March 2016. Its goal is to improve the intercultural connections between resettled Burmese refugees and Czech citizens. More information is available on the Czech pages.

Job assistance to refugees from Burma

This project aims to improve the labour market integration chances of the Burmese refugees who will be resettled to the Czech Republic in November 2012. It is planned that 7 families of total 25 persons will soon be resettled and mainly 13 adults of the group will benefit from this project. The main aim of

Improved integration of Burmese refugees on the labor market

The description is only available in Czech.

Far and close Burma 2009-10

The project aims to improve mutual understanding and coexistence of Czechs and displaced Burmese refugees in the Czech Republic and raise awareness of Burma, its culture and problems. This goal will be achieved by organizing 7 Burmese cultural-educational evenings at 7 different places in the Czech Republic with Burmese cuisine, music, national costumes and accompanying