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Building the Rule of Law in Burma/Myanmar

After the general elections and the release of the opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi from house arrest in 2010, Burma/Myanmar embarked on numerous political and economic reforms. These reforms, although hindered by numerous reports of continued human rights violations, open up space for direct support of actors inside the country. There is an urgent need to prepare professionals and activists for the new opportunities and new responsibilities in order to convert the current changes into lasting and sustainable change. One of the main barriers to development are the low capacities across different elements of the society. This is true of professional skills as much as experiences with democracy, rule of law and human rights. This project therefore aims at building the capacities of Burmese lawyers who are one of the key groups in the development of rule of law in Burma.

The project has two goals:

  1. To improve the awareness of key persons (lawyers, civil society representatives, media) about the rule of law, human rights and their practical application; and
  2. To improve the general awareness of the population about the relevance of the rule of law and the universality of human rights


Report Independent Lawyers in Myanmar 2017


This project is supported from resources of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic within its Transition Promotion Program.