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Statement about the situation in Burma’s Rakhine State

Burma Center Prague is observing and has been observing the situation in Burma’s Rakhine State for a long time with grave concern. As an organization that seeks to improve the stability and rule of law in the country and to promote universal respect of human rights for all its inhabitants, we would like to make the following statement:
  • We feel deep concern about the current situation and deplore the violence committed against and among the population and against the security forces.
  • We welcome the civilian government’s ongoing commitment to peaceful development and the Burmese Muslim organization’s condemnation of the violence. We understand the difficult role of the Burmese democratic forces in a country that is still de facto controlled by the army, and we urge them to use all their options to promote peace, safety and a life in dignity for all the country’s inhabitants.
  • We appeal to the Rohingya community, the Rakhine Buddhist population, the Burmese civilian government and the Burmese military to start a peaceful, meaningful dialogue with the participation of international observers.
  • We call upon the Burmese state to admit international observers and aid organizations into the affected regions and to protect and support them in their work. We would also welcome it if international journalists would be allowed into the affected area and if they and their sources would receive all due protection.
  • We urge the public to refrain from spreading hate speech and rumors on social media and to differentiate between the perpetrators and the victims of the various incidents that have happened. We particularly urge the news media to abide by their obligation to provide balanced reporting and to avoid sensationalism. These developments have long been in the making and are very complicated.
  • There are many other conflicts in Burma that need to be resolved peacefully. We hope the situation will stabilize and that the democratization of the country’s political arrangements can continue.

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