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Myanmar Water Festival

You are cordially invited to celebrate the Myanmar Water Festival to welcome the New Year.


Water Festival 2018The water festival called Thingyan is one of the biggest and most joyous traditional festivals in Burma/Myanmar. The sprinkling of water is intended to “wash away” one’s sins from the previous year. The water festival is usually celebrated over a period of four to five days, culminating in the New Year.


This year the Burmese community in the Czech Republic has prepared the water festival for the first time.

Come and enjoy the Burmese traditions with us. A rich programme is prepared for you:

  • refreshment (mont lone yeibaw – glutinous rice balls with jaggery (palm sugar), mont let saung – refreshing desert with bits of sticky rice and coconut milk, mohinga – traditional rice noodles with fish soup)
  • workshops (thanaka – Burmese cosmetic paste, mont lone yeibaw – glutinous rice balls)
  • traditional dance and songs.