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New publication shows ways to empower Burmese grassroots organizations in exile

The Czech NGO Burma Center Prague is today launching a publication entitled “Helping Burma Through India” featuring a variety of articles. The authors look back at three years of the “Indian Base for the Transformation of Burma” project and analyze the situation of Burmese refugees and grassroots organizations in India. The publication and its underlying project seek to fill a lack of global attention on these issues.


The report can be downloaded here.



Media Workshop in New Delhi

The Indian government should take a critical stance on the fairness and inclusiveness of the upcoming elections in Burma and their results. This call was made by the more than 20 journalists and civil society activists who participated in a media workshop on the November elections as well as the situation of Burmese refugees living in India, held at the Press Club of India. While India allows refugees to stay in the country as they await UNHCR refugee status, it could do much more in providing security to this vulnerable group. The participants reminded the government that the influx of refugees in India is the result of bad governance in Burma.

resolution and recommendations

Burma Center Prague Launches Microgrant Program for Burmese Refugees with New Platform for Online Donations

Burma Center Prague o.p.s. has launched its microgrant program to support grassroots groups in India working for the benefit of Burmese refugees and transition in Burma. Through the program, 19 local organizations in New Delhi and northeastern India will receive microgrants to enable them to run a variety of projects ranging from free health clinics to adult vocational training.



Open letter on case of harassment and attempted gang rape

Sui Tin Lem, refugee in DelhiThe Protection Officer
UNHCR, Delhi

In response to a recent incident that occurred in Delhi, we decided to write an open letter to you in which we request your attention and immediate support for the victim of this crime.

Note: Photo of victim displayed with her permission.



14 tons of rice to help fight famine in Burma contributed through a public collection

The fundraising campaign “LET’S HELP THE BURMESE” received CZK 120,000 from individuals around the country to aid in the purchase of food for those suffering from the famine in Burma; starvation threatens up to 100,000 Burmese people from the Chin State. This collection campaign, launched last year by the organization Burma Center Prague o.p.s., will continue for the next two years.


Response to the Arrival of Burmese Refugees in the Czech Republic

On October 30th 2008, 23 quota refugees from the Chin ethnic group of Burma arrived in the Czech Republic as part of a resettlement program arranged by the Czech government and the UNHCR. These persons are the first group of a planned total of 40 refugees. More might follow.