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Czech NGO Burma Center Prague supports Burmese refugee projects in India through intelligent micro-donations

PRAGUE, June 11, 2012. Burma Center Prague today launched the 2012 edition of its Microgrant Program, providing small grants to Burmese refugee organizations in India. This form of support has proven highly successful during the past two years, yielding notable improvements in the organizations’ activities. With the help of these targeted and highly efficient non-repayable donations, charitable grassroots projects make a tangible difference where it is needed most.

This year, 17 microgrants are being given out for the running of projects in such areas as health, education, and community support. The microgrants are provided as part of BCP’s “IndianBasefortheTransformationofBurma” project, which is funded by the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with the goal of supporting Burmese refugees and developing their ability to contribute to the democratization of Burma.

“We’re thrilled to be launching the third edition of our microgrant program, and to have so many great projects to support. I am overwhelmed by the high motivation of the grantees whom we met personally during our field trips to India. The mandatory training seminars we held for them in New Delhi and Aizawl ensure that they have the necessary skills to reach the projected goals,” said Reena Sattar, Project Manager at Burma Center Prague.

This year’s projects will run from June to October, and BCP is now seeking individual donors to help cover the costs of running the projects. With a minimum donation of CZK 500 – this corresponds to about 20 EUR or 25 USD, individuals can support any or many of the 2012 projects, simply by going to www.mikrogranty.cz.

“We offer one of the few and most efficient ways to provide sustainable support to the people of Burma who have had to flee their homes“, added Ms. Sattar. “We are particularly proud that we are able to ensure the transparent monitoring of how the donations are used, and that 100% of these funds will indeed be used by the self-support groups”.